Apply to Be a Resident

PARK INFORMATION – Apply to be a resident

Important: Be sure to secure written approval from the Riverbend Office for residency PRIOR to any purchase.


  1. Obtain the Park Application Packet from the Riverbend Office, or you may download it. Be sure to carefully read through the:
    1. Application.
    2. Residency Requirements
    3. Sample Lease including Park Rules and Regulations
  2. All adults 18 and older must fill out an application and recieve Park approval for residency.

  3. Please fill out each application form completely and accurately to avoid delays in the approval process.
  4. Submit your application(s) for residency along with a $25 application fee (check or cash) for each application submitted and drop off at the Riverbend Office.

Once received, applications ordinarily take about a week to process, but may take longer if further information is required.