Commonly Asked Questions

Living in the Riverbend Community

What is a manufactured home community?

Riverbend is like living in a cooperative association. You own your home, but you rent the lot, carport and other amenities. There is a set of rules and guidelines that residents must agree with in order to live in the Riverbend community. Our full-time management team ensures that our community is kept clean and organized.


Are you a senior-only community?

While Riverbend offers an ideal setting for senior living, families are also an important part of our community.


What school district is Riverbend Park in?

Elk River School District, ISD 728


Does Riverbend Park sell homes?

Riverbend does not own or sell any of the homes in our park. All homes are owner-occupied, and the sale of those homes is between the homeowner and prospective buyer. Riverbend does require approval for residency prior to any sale.


Can I move a home into Riverbend?

From time to time lots become available for new homes to be moved in. There are reputable manufactured home dealers in the area that offer new homes for sale or an existing home may meet the criteria for being located in the Park. Prospective residents who wish to bring a home into Riverbend should contact the Park Office for assistance in determining the right lot for their home.


Are there homes for rent in Riverbend?

No, all homes are owner-occupied and renting is not allowed.


How big are the home sites?

On average, lots are approximately 50 ft. wide by 100 ft. deep and can accommodate most double-wide homes.


How much maintenance will my home need?

Today’s manufactured homes are built with the same materials as stick built homes, meaning the maintenance levels are similar. There are specific guidelines and requirements for maintenance of homes and lots in the Rules and Regulations portion of the lease.


What are the parking regulations?

Each lot shares a carport. Two spaces are allowed for the parking of your vehicles; one in the carport and one behind that vehicle. Street parking is not allowed.


Can I perform automotive repairs in my carport?

No repair of vehicles may be performed in driveways, streets or carports other than changing tires or other emergency service.


Are cats and dogs allowed?

Currently no pets are allowed in the park except by a medical doctor’s order.


When is garbage and recycling picked up?

Garbage and recycling containers are provided by our sanitation service and are picked up on Thursday mornings. Recycling is picked up every other Thursday morning.


Who has use of the Community Room?

The community room is strictly for the use of residents of Riverbend and their invited guests at no charge. It is not open to the public. The booking of the Community Room is based on a first-come first-serve basis. A damage deposit is required when the resident makes a reservation.


Does Riverbend have a storm shelter?

Yes. The cement block storm shelter is located in the same building as the Community Room and Park office. Designated residents open the storm shelter when a possible storm is reported by the National Weather Service. Pets are not allowed in the storm shelter out of consideration of those who suffer from allergies.


Why is the speed limit in Riverbend 10 mph?

It is a Minnesota State Law that the speed limit is 10 mph in manufactured or mobile home parks. Safety is always a concern for pedestrians and children.